Training Topics


People, Process, Productivity

Trainings are for individuals or groups. Contact  me for pricing information. Career development is also professional development.  If individuals are productive, the team will be productive. I offer over 30 training modules for career and professional development based on the following topics:

  1. People (Assessment)
    • Personal Mastery (Image, Style, and Brand)
    • Team Building and Employee Engagement
    • Conflict Management
  2. Process (Alignment)
    • Leadership 360/Emotional EQ
    • Position Bench-marking
    • Career Mapping/Off-boarding
  3. Productivity (Action)
    • Employee Engagement/Organizational Development
    • Diversity and Sensitivity Training
    • Strategic Planning/Change Management

Professional & Career Development

  • Learn to leverage team as well as individual strengths and challenges
  • Learn to assess your own personal behavior and how to use it to your advantage for thriving in the workplace
  • Learn to make education and life ascension choices that are right for you; individual success will contribute to organizational success

Ruby Irma’s Boutique (R.I.B.)

Career development is personal style.  Ruby Irma’s Style Boutique is all about that.  Find contemporary products and tips on creating a stylish business look and building your personal brand: Shop Now!

Books & Resources

Find books and training materials to help you plan your career and brand your personal style!

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