Happy Thanksgiving

Kimberly D. Polite

Happy Thanksgiving-What Does it Mean to You?

Today I am overwhelmed with what the holiday really means to me vs what it once meant to me, and what it finally means to me again today.  You see, the holiday season is different for everyone.  Honoring that paradigm, I encourage you to discover just what it means to you.  Many of us get caught up (myself included at times) in what the holidays are “supposed” to be.  Few of us embrace the magnitude of what they are or their organic intention.

Here’s what I mean. In 2008, my mom, Mrs. Ruby Polite, passed away.  That was really the end of the holiday season as I knew it.  My mom was, as many moms are, the glue that kept my family together.  After she died, we seemed to scatter.  With that separation went a piece of my heart, my existence, and family holidays as I knew it.  I’m sad to admit that I stopped caring, just a bit, about gathering with family for any reason for the holidays.

For several reasons I was wrong.  My mom’s death is a part of life.  She always told me “someone will go, and someone will stay” and “somebody will be the longest liver”.  Simply put, she was encouraging me to trust God and keep moving-even in the face of grief and great challenge.  With that, I think I’ve allowed myself some healing, and I have decided to focus on the ideals of the original Holiday: safety, health, family, faith in God and His provision.

Now, no matter where I am or who I’m with, I chose to celebrate this Holiday with those organic ideals in mind. Being thankful certainly transcends those ideals, but it sure is a great place to start.  Its great to be grateful.  I hope your are grateful too.

Blessings to you and yours and Happy Thanksgiving!



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