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I have always been an advocate for helping others be the best they can be in the workplace and in life.
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Kimberly D. Polite

Dr. Kimberly D. Polite

Veteran,  Author, Consultant

I have 25 years of professional development and leadership experience.  I am a veteran, speaker, trainer, and author.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Education from the University of Arkansas and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Walden University.

My Story

I have 25 years of combined front line, leadership, and executive experience.  Since 2006 I’ve been working with private clients including teams and individuals.  Re-emphasizing my personal mission, my goal  is to help professionals and students build their careers and brand their personal style.  I’ve devoted my business services, products, and resources to accomplishing that goal.  Click here to book an appointment for career development or personal style.


My Vision for Working Professionals

My vision is for working professionals to obtain opportunities that will enable them to thrive to optimal levels in work situations while leveraging their strengths and challenges and branding their personal style.

My Mission

My mission is to help working professionals and students start, build, and thrive in their careers while leveraging their strengths and challenges and branding personal style.

Training & Development

Career Development

Individuals & Teams

  • Learn to leverage strengths and challenges
  • Learn to assess your own personal behavior and how to use it to your advantage for thriving in the workplace
  • Learn to make education and life ascension choices that are right for you

Personal Style

Brand Personal Image & Style

Browse the style boutique to find products and resources for building your personal and professional style.

Brand Personal Style

Next Steps…

Contact me for a free “mini” career assessment and style appointment.


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