Professional and Career Development

  • Learn to identify your gifts, talents, strengths, challenges, skills, values, passions, purpose and set actionable career and life goal
  • Assess behavior strengths, challenges, and identify your unique responses to people, places, and situations
  • Learn to make education and life ascension choices that are right for you!

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Find books and training materials to help you plan your career and brand your personal style!  The current feature title:

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What Do I Do?

I build careers and brand personal style.  Simply put, I help individuals and teams with career and professional development training goals and I help people brand their personal style.

In 2006, I reached a career pinnacle as a corporate vice president, but I still experienced and saw things in the workplace I wished were better for myself and others.  As a result, I developed a strong desire to help people use their gifts and talents to thrive vs survive at work while leveraging their strengths and challenges to develop a personal brand.

What qualifies me to do my job? For the past 23 years I’ve built a successful career including executive level experience and translated that knowledge into a successful business.  I was the recipient of the coveted 40 under 40 business journal award. I’ve also displayed leadership and ambassadorship with local chambers of commerce as well as volunteered my time on several community non-profit boards.  Additionally, I am currently a DBA candidate with Walden University.


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